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 Editor Application

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PostSubject: Editor Application   Sat 6 Jun - 19:57

Want to be apart of our amazing editor staff?
In order to do this you must first fill out the following forum and post it in the User Application section.

Fill this out:

What types of pictures can you edit well:
What types do you have problems with:
What program or programs do you use:
How often are you goinmg to be online:
Were can I reach you when your not online:

How good are you at backgrounds and foregrounds:
Do you use lots of brushes or effects (or both):
What types of things can you do best:
How creative are you:
Rate your editing skill 1-10:

Three none myspace links to your pictures:
You think you got what it takes to become part of our staff:
Why should we choose you:
Why did you choose us:

What Originals do you enjoy editing most:
Which do you enjoy least:
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Editor Application
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