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PostSubject: Character Information   Character Information I_icon_minitimeSat 6 Jun - 20:41

Name: Penelope Rogue
Race: Vampire
Sex: Female
Age: Has the innocence look of someone in her late teens, possibly about 19, maybe just 20. In real age she is not that old a vampire, only about 150.

Description: Penelope, on first inspection, seems like one of those "perfect" 18th Century young ladies, she's stunning, with her pale, flawless skin, large brown eyes and long blonde ringleted hair. She's slender, with a modest but well endowed chest, she adores lavish dresses that show off her figure.

Personality: She's intellectual, artistic, musical, and rather obidient to males. Everything a well brought up girl should be. But Penelope also has a darker side to her, she never really had it before she became a vampire, apart from being a bit of a tease, but as a vampire, Penelope is very interested in the dark arts, though she doesn't know if they fully exist or how powerful they are, she loves to read books on the subject.

Weaknesses: Direct sunlight

Her favourite targets are handsome, rich young men who she can lure away from other women. She loves to play and tease and make the men submissive before she kills them. But Penelope's darker side is not always on show. She's a calm tempered woman, and she only has a temper when she is unnoticed or ignored.
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Character Information
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