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 ButterCup's Info.

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PostSubject: ButterCup's Info.   ButterCup's Info. I_icon_minitimeSat 6 Jun - 21:01

Born in France and moved to London.
Approximately 5'7" and 121lbs.
Features include: Long black hair, Right eye green Left eye Blue, Fit figure, and a tattoo of a pheonix on her back.
Concealed Weapon on Personnel of choice: LTT customized hard chromed 92 Beretta
Other weapons not identified
Threat: Extremely High

Bio: This killer has been trained and been living in stealth for the past 10 years. She has learned from the best of the best to survive on her own and steal for herself. No traces of family has been found out. She became on the most wanted list in London. Sneaking through the night avoiding the cops to have her free life. Her reputation has come to be known by everyone who dares to be on the streets. The night is her most precious time for her predator side. Sharpened hearing and combat skills are in full effect. Don't let her fool you with her beautiful looks and trancing eyes, she has been known to seduce and rip apart people's lifes and kill the innocent for her pure amusement. She has a split personality that is most fearing to be confronted with. This fugitive is highly dangerous and should not be handled by a single force. Please do not make any attempt to try and capture her on your own for your own greed for the reward of the Most Wanted List.

... No more information can be found on this file ...

ButterCup's Info. StainedPromises2
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ButterCup's Info.
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