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 The Meloncholy of Rayne Ein

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The Meloncholy of Rayne Ein Empty
PostSubject: The Meloncholy of Rayne Ein   The Meloncholy of Rayne Ein I_icon_minitimeSun 7 Jun - 17:19

Name:[Rayne Ein]

Age:[Looks 18 but is truly over 3000 yrs old]



Story: She is the leader, or she is called, of 7 fairies. Crimson[Fire], Treena[Earth], Mari[Water], Tempest[Wind], Shayde[Dark], and Sylvia[Metal]. When a dragon is born he takes on a quest that will unfold his true destiny. For a fairy living forever is an easy task, but finding something TO live for is what being immortal is all about. After helping out the legendary Sol in battle by making an indescribable weapon with limitless power, the 7 fairies went dormant and into hiding, waiting for the true heir of the 7 Daggers of Sol. Rayne is the appointed leader of them all, but only by default because of one of their fellow 'sisters': Treena, fell from grace when she went against the tribunal. Rayne is a shaky leader and hasn't even completed the Orb Ritual (which just consists of holding the orb of your own element in the air for 1000 straight years.) She is on year 900 and still prevails to get the job done. She strives to be the leader of the 7 elements, but also her heart tells her that there is something else out there for her. She is the most unique of the group, being a Dragon/Fairy hybrid, not counting her twin brother, Shayde, whom is the only male Fairy to be appointed to being one of the leaders of the 7 elements.
Rayne resides in the sky castle of Radia. It wasn't until she got a strange visit from the Metallic Fairy: Sylvia. The Fairies have been dormant and haven't moved from their designated locations for more than 2000 years, and this visit could only mean one thing, someone was activating the 7 Daggers of Sol, and that someone had already claimed the Anvil, Rayne's ultimate creation. It is only a matter of time before the true Orichalcum Dragon will pay her a visit and ask to succumb to the powers that be. Yet something stirs in Rayne's heart for some distant reason. "Why is he here so early, or is it the fact that I just haven't finished my Orb Ritual...or am I just simply nervous..."
Rayne is a tender, bleeding heart with mercy and gratefulness. Lest she encounter evil, she never reveals her true power, which has still yet to be unleashed, whether it be it hasn't been needed, or she is just afraid to wield. The strange pattern heart only tells her one thing: that she may finally meet the reason she is living forever.
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The Meloncholy of Rayne Ein
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