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 Adele Dementia; Character Information;

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Adele Dementia; Character Information; Empty
PostSubject: Adele Dementia; Character Information;   Adele Dementia; Character Information; I_icon_minitimeMon 8 Jun - 14:09

Full Name: Adele Dementia.
Nick Names: Addy, Adele, Demy.
Occupation; Bartender in the evenings, & an Assassin as needed.
Self Title: The Destroyer.
Species; Hybrid, Vampire/Parasitic Fairy, The only of her kind.
Age: 17 In human years. really, 103 In hybrid years.
Birthday April 5th.
Birth Place: Paris, France.
Height; 4'11''
Weight; 89 lbs.
Status: Taken.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Hair Color: Black, with two coon tails, of white & sea green. & Bangs fading from white to sea green.
Eyes: sea green.
Makeup: White/sea green eye shadow, with black eyeliner.
Tattoos; A heart on her arm, & A dragon on her back.
Brandings; Behind her left ear, the imprint of a skull with horns. Symbolized from hell.
Current Location: 殺人の村 Otherwise known as The Village Of Murders.
Family: My mother, Mystic Disaster.
Fighting Skills: Hand to hand.
Fighting style; Multi Para, Novella, Massive Para. NO ONE LINERS.

Temperament & Personality: Adele Dementia, is very easily angered, With her personality disorders, & her Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and Schizophrenia, very much irritates her. Beyond her temper, Adele is a very nice person. Beautiful on the inside & out. and very much in love, with her boyfriend, Castiel.♥️ Once pursuing a task, Nothing can get in her way.
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Adele Dementia; Character Information;
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