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 Character information: Jin Michi (Light Maiden)

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Character information: Jin Michi (Light Maiden) Empty
PostSubject: Character information: Jin Michi (Light Maiden)   Character information: Jin Michi (Light Maiden) I_icon_minitimeTue 9 Jun - 3:25

Name: Jin Michi
Alias: Lady Light, Light Maiden
Birthplace: Light Kingdom
Current location: Either Earth or the Light Kingdom
Age: Unknown, appears 17
Race: Divine human (angel like)
Hair color: Dark blue
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9.5"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Personality: Very compasionate and careing. She is a kind-hearted girl; like a good soul caught in a harsh current, but she continues on. People see her heart and find her weak, but her physical stregth is hard to compare to. Only a few others have matched her; one of those being from the Dark Kingdom.

Summary: She was born into the Royal family of the Kingdom of light, and was known as "Princess Jin, or Princess Michi". Since she was the youngest she was the next guardian, but didn't need to start training. Sadly her Mother died of a strange disease and Jin was to fill in as the guardian of the "Light" (all good things). Her training was harsh due to her brothers, but from it she became strong.

Jin hates killing, but she knows there is a time when it is needed. But Jin can hardly kill, and seems to take more blows. This is considered a dishonor, but she wants to be truely just with her judgement; for she did not feel in place to judge.

Eventually her brothers allowed her to kidnapped by the darkness, where she was held for a while. But soon she became familiar with the people of the darkness, and understood that not all of them were evil. The dark was nothing but a symbol, evil was evil and darkness was darkness as light was light and good was good.

Some time after she found herself on earth in a strange city, where eventually she had to live until she figure how to get back to the light Kingdom. Luckly, before she had fallen to earth she took the throne from her tyrant brothers.

{I can roleplay in either the Light Kingdom or on Earth, and any time period.}

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Character information: Jin Michi (Light Maiden)
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