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PostSubject: MY CHARACTERS   MY CHARACTERS I_icon_minitimeMon 15 Jun - 14:54

Dark Oblivion: the character most like the real me to date. He behaves differently with different people. he prefers to be the"creepy guy" that people would rather avoid if possible. that way he knows whether a person is truly worth his time or not. Tends to default to starting trouble when bored in hopes of starting a fight. He has a number of abilities, the most frequently used is the ability to create steel objects from nothing. he holds his friends safety above anything else and would do anything for him, he loves to be annoying, and can get fairly indifferent when in a bad mood...i'll likely be adding more to this later.

Semira (need help with the last name): A girl shadow met in a village while on a search for a dangerous object, which nearly resulted in the destruction on the village. the incident left semira's home destroyed and although she was meant to marry a young man from the village, she went to stay with Dark. She was a hunter who specialized in archery, and, as far as she can remember, suddenly gained the power to control fire after a hunt. She currently lives in the same complex as dark in the room next to his. she has no feeling for him outside of a strong friendship, although dark keeps his hopes up that that will soon change.

if anyone wants to know more about these two let me know somehow. i am curently working on the backstory for each of them so these descriptions are kind of rough.
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