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 What an ooc should look like.

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What an ooc should look like. Empty
PostSubject: What an ooc should look like.   What an ooc should look like. I_icon_minitimeThu 4 Jun - 18:27

Plot line:
This is where you create what you want the stories MAIN plotline is going to be. You should make it VERY detailed including the setting and the time period. If you are going for a fantasy or Sci-fi please be detailed about the world you are currently in. It really does help with people with the writting procces if you help by giving details.

If you are also having people turn into animals be sure to describe the TYPES of animals they can choice from. If you are going for a more free style type story please don't. This is only allowed in the Chat style role-plays.

Character sheets:
Character sheets are broken up into many different ways. Some people have there own style. But remember you do have two style sheets to make. These sheets are called Permanent and Temporary character sheets. If you only want on type please make sure you understand what that means before hand.

Permanent Characters:
A Permanent character is a character you plan to keep through out the story. These are played by people who plan to stay longer than a few pages. If you make a character using a Permanent sheet make sure you understand this.

Temporary Character:
Temporary is the opposite of a Permanent character these are usually people who only plan in staying for three or four post into the role-play. They are helpful to keep a storyline going.
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What an ooc should look like.
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