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 GM's word it LAW!

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PostSubject: GM's word it LAW!   GM's word it LAW! I_icon_minitimeFri 13 Nov - 16:17

Anyone can be a Game Master of a roleplay.

With the position of GM comes many responsibilities that a regular member or player doesn't have. The game master is in charge of creating the RP, recruiting for the RP, keeping the roleplay moving as well as directing the game down the path intended for the plot. The GM has the task of maintaining order and as such they have total authority over their RP and are expected to use it wisely.

Any player who is interested in signing up or any player that is already signed up has right to ask the GM questions or discuss things with the GM in order to foster a better understanding of what the GM's intentions are for their game. You may offer ideas to the GM as long as you are respectable while doing so and as long as you realize that the GM's WORD IS LAW and that they do NOT have to change parts of the story or the entire plot just because you don't agree with it. Remember, it is their game after all, not yours. If they make a decision that you don't like then you need to be able to accept it and move on. You should be able to handle these types of situations when they arise.

While no GM has the right to be a tyrant in their game, the staff will always support the GM's decisions as long as the GM is acting fairly towards other members. If you feel that the GM is abusing the powers that they have as GM and that they are doing harm to the roleplay then please feel free to contact one of the roleplay moderators. Before contacting a RP Moderator make sure that you have a solid case, that you have your facts straight and that you are able to direct the mod you contact to the complaint in question. If you can't present your case in a respectable manner, and you can't provide facts other than a simple statement that you don't like the way the GM is handling things, then you should just live with it the way it is because it is probably not that big of a deal.

Use your creativity! That's why you are writing anyhow and RP'ing is a perfect way to unleash that creativity. If you get stuck, there is no harm in asking the GM for help or to ask others to brainstorm with you. The GM should be receptive to ideas and should be acting in the best interest of all the players and for the story. If you feel that you have respectfully approached them to present your ideas and they aren't willing to listen, then you probably shouldn't or wouldn't want to be in one of their RP's anyhow and would be better off starting your own RP.

If you do not agree with the GM, DO NOT ARGUE with them as it will get you absolutely no where. The staff can not stress enough how important this is. You are a guest in their game. Work with them and if you can't and feel that you have exhausted all other options then do not cause drama for the game, the GM, or the forum. Your best option is to respectfully drop out of the game with no further incidents.
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GM's word it LAW!
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